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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2016A First Look into Transnational Routing DetoursEdmundson, Anne; Ensafi, Roya; Feamster, Nick; Rexford, Jennifer
2012A formally-verified migration protocol for mobile, multi-homed hostsArye, Matvey; Nordström, Erik; Kiefer, Robert; Rexford, Jennifer; Freedman, Michael J
Sep-2011Frenetic: a network programming languageFoster, Nate; Harrison, Rob; Freedman, Michael J; Monsanto, Christopher; Rexford, Jennifer; et al
Dec-2012FSR: Formal Analysis and Implementation Toolkit for Safe Interdomain RoutingWang, Anduo; Jia, Limin; Zhou, Wenchao; Ren, Yiqing; Loo, Boon Thau; et al
2012The geomorphic view of networking: a network model and its usesZave, Pamela; Rexford, Jennifer
2012Global 1-Mbps Peer-Assisted Streaming: Fine-Grain Measurement of a Configurable PlatformJiang, Joe W; Chan, S -H Gary; Chiang, Mung; Rexford, Jennifer; Ren, D Tonyc; et al
2015HONE: Joint Host-Network Traffic Management in Software-Defined NetworksSun, Peng; Yu, Minlan; Freedman, Michael J; Rexford, Jennifer; Walker, David
2016An Industrial-Scale Software Defined Internet Exchange PointGupta, Arpit; MacDavid, Robert; Birkner, Rüdiger; Canini, Marco; Feamster, Nick; et al
Aug-2014Infinite CacheFlow in software-defined networksKatta, Naga; Alipourfard, Omid; Rexford, Jennifer; Walker, David
2013Joint Server Selection and Routing for Geo-replicated ServicesNarayana, Srinivas; Jiang, Wenjie; Rexford, Jennifer; Chiang, Mung
2011Link-State Routing With Hop-by-Hop Forwarding Can Achieve Optimal Traffic EngineeringXu, Dahai; Chiang, Mung; Rexford, Jennifer
2020Measuring TCP Round-Trip Time in the Data PlaneChen, Xiaoqi; Kim, Hyojoon; Aman, Javed M; Chang, Willie; Lee, Mack; et al
2020Memory-Efficient Membership Encoding in SwitchesPan, Mengying; MacDavid, Robert; Landau-Feibish, Shir; Rexford, Jennifer
2020MIMIQ: Masking IPs with Migration in QUICGovil, Yashodhar; Wang, Liang; Rexford, Jennifer
2012Network cooperation for client-ap association optimizationBaid, Akash; Schapira, Michael; Seskar, Ivan; Rexford, Jennifer; Raychaudhuri, Dipankar
Mar-2018Network-Wide Heavy Hitter Detection with Commodity SwitchesHarrison, Rob; Cai, Qizhe; Gupta, Arpit; Rexford, Jennifer
2019Never waste a mid-life crisis: change for the betterRexford, Jennifer
2012A NICE Way to Test OpenFlow ApplicationsCanini, Marco; Venzano, Daniele; Perešíni, Peter; Kostić, Dejan; Rexford, Jennifer
2014Optimal collaborative access point association in wireless networksKarimi, Ouldooz B; Liu, Jiangchuan; Rexford, Jennifer
Dec-2013Optimizing the "one big switch" abstraction in software-defined networksKang, Nanxi; Liu, Zhenming; Rexford, Jennifer; Walker, David