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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
10-Feb-2020Temporal dynamics of protein complex formation and dissociation during human cytomegalovirus infectionHashimoto, Yutaka; Sheng, Xinlei; Murray-Nerger, Laura A; Cristea, Ileana M
28-Jun-2016Temporal Regulation of the Bacillus subtilis Acetylome and Evidence for a Role of MreB Acetylation in Cell Wall GrowthCarabetta, Valerie J; Greco, Todd M; Tanner, Andrew W; Cristea, Ileana M; Dubnau, David
12-Apr-2017Transcriptional Elongation of HSV Immediate Early Genes by the Super Elongation Complex Drives Lytic Infection and Reactivation from LatencyAlfonso-Dunn, Roberto; Turner, Anne-Marie W; Jean Beltran, Pierre M; Arbuckle, Jesse H; Budayeva, Hanna G; et al
2-Feb-2016Two Modes of the Axonal Interferon Response Limit Alphaherpesvirus NeuroinvasionSong, Ren; Koyuncu, Orkide O; Greco, Todd M; Diner, Benjamin A; Cristea, Ileana M; et al
15-Nov-2016Viral DNA Sensors IFI16 and Cyclic GMP-AMP Synthase Possess Distinct Functions in Regulating Viral Gene Expression, Immune Defenses, and Apoptotic Responses during Herpesvirus InfectionDiner, Benjamin A; Lum, Krystal K; Toettcher, Jared E; Cristea, Ileana M