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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
26-Sep-2014Mechanical Properties of a Battery Separator under Compression and TensionCannarella, J; Liu, X; Leng, CZ; Sinko, PD; Gor, GY; et al
16-Sep-2014A Model for the Behavior of Battery Separators in Compression at Different Strain/Charge RatesGor, GY; Cannarella, J; Prevost, Jean Herve; Arnold, Craig B
1-Jan-2017Nonlinear optical waveguides in As_2S_3-Ag_2S chalcogenide glass thin filmsAlmeida, JMP; Barbano, EC; Arnold, Craig B; Misoguti, L; Mendonça, CR
1-Sep-2013A review on solution processing of chalcogenide glasses for optical componentsZha, Yunlai; Waldmann, Maike; Arnold, Craig B
Feb-2017Selectable light-sheet uniformity using tuned axial scanningDuocastella, Martí; Arnold, Craig B; Puchalla, Jason
2012Simultaneous imaging of multiple focal planes for three-dimensional microscopy using ultra-high-speed adaptive opticsDuocastella, Martí; Sun, Bo; Arnold, Craig B
1-Aug-2015Single-step synthesis of silver sulfide nanocrystals in arsenic trisulfideAlmeida, Juliana MP; Lu, Chao; Mendonça, Cleber R; Arnold, Craig B
1-Feb-2013Solution-processing of thick chalcogenide-chalcogenide and metal-chalcogenide structures by spin-coating and multilayer laminationZha, Yunlai; Arnold, Craig B
2016Strain Derivatives for Practical Charge Rate Characterization of Lithium Ion ElectrodesSchiffer, Zachary J; Cannarella, John; Arnold, Craig B
6-Apr-2015Structural Effects of Magnesium Dialkoxides as Precursors for Magnesium-Ion ElectrolytesHerb, JT; Nist-Lund, C; Schwartz, Jeffrey; Arnold, Craig B