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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
11-Feb-2017Cosmic voids and void lensing in the Dark Energy Survey Science Verification dataSanchez, C; Clampitt, J; Kovacs, A; Jain, B; Garcia-Bellido, J; et al
Mar-2017Imprint of DES superstructures on the cosmic microwave backgroundKovacs, A; Sanchez, C; Garcia-Bellido, J; Nadathur, S; Crittenden, R; et al
Apr-2019More out of less: an excess integrated Sachs-Wolfe signal from supervoids mapped out by the Dark Energy SurveyKovacs, A; Sanchez, C; Garcia-Bellido, J; Elvin-Poole, J; Hamaus, N; et al