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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
31-May-2016Development of robust and multi-mode control of tearing in DIII-DWelander, AS; La Haye, RJ; Humphreys, DA; Kolemen, Egemen; Volpe, F
Oct-2017Overview of NSTX Upgrade initial results and modelling highlightsMenard, JE; Allain, JP; Battaglia, DJ; Bedoya, F; Bell, RE; et al
2019Simultaneous detection of neoclassical tearing mode and electron cyclotron current drive locations using electron cyclotron emission in DIII-DNelson, AO; La Haye, RJ; Austin, ME; Welander, AS; Kolemen, Egemen
1-Jul-2014State-of-the-art neoclassical tearing mode control in DIII-D using real-time steerable electron cyclotron current drive launchersKolemen, E; Welander, AS; La Haye, RJ; Eidietis, NW; Humphreys, DA; et al