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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2017Application of Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access in LTE and 5G NetworksDing, Zhiguo; Liu, Yuanwei; Choi, Jinho; Sun, Qi; Elkashlan, Maged; et al
Apr-2016A Survey of Energy-Efficient Techniques for 5G Networks and Challenges AheadBuzzi, Stefano; I, Chih-Lin; Klein, Thierry E; Poor, H Vincent; Yang, Chenyang; et al
24-Nov-2020Towards 6G wireless communication networks: vision, enabling technologies, and new paradigm shiftsYou, Xiaohu; Wang, Cheng-Xiang; Huang, Jie; Gao, Xiqi; Zhang, Zaichen; et al