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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2021Anomalous Dynamics of QBO Disruptions Explained by 1D Theory with External TriggeringMatch, Aaron; Fueglistaler, Stephan
-The Buffer Zone of the Quasi-Biennial OscillationMatch, Aaron; Fueglistaler, Stephan
22-Nov-2012Changes in polar stratospheric temperature climatology in relation to stratospheric sudden warming occurrenceGómez-Escolar, Miguel; Fueglistaler, Stephan; Calvo, Natalia; Barriopedro, David
20-Nov-2014Cirrus and water vapour transport in the tropical tropopause layer – Part 2: Roles of ice nucleation and sedimentation, cloud dynamics, and moisture conditionsDinh, Tra; Fueglistaler, Stephan; Durran, Dale; Ackerman, Thomas
27-Mar-2014Cirrus, Transport, and Mixing in the Tropical Upper TroposphereDinh, Tra; Fueglistaler, Stephan
20-Jun-2019Climate Impacts From Large Volcanic Eruptions in a High-Resolution Climate Model: The Importance of Forcing StructureYang, Wenchang; Vecchi, Gabriel A; Fueglistaler, Stephan; Horowitz, Larry W; Luet, David J; et al
-Cloud and Radiative Balance Changes in Response to ENSO in Observations and ModelsRadley, Claire; Fueglistaler, Stephan; Donner, Leo
10-Apr-2020Corrigendum: On the cooling-to-space approximationJeevanjee, Nadir; Fueglistaler, Stephan
10-Apr-2020Corrigendum: Simple spectral models for atmospheric radiative coolingJeevanjee, Nadir; Fueglistaler, Stephan
4-Feb-2014Departure from Clausius-Clapeyron scaling of water entering the stratosphere in response to changes in tropical upwellingFueglistaler, Stephan; Liu, Yu S; Flannaghan, Thomas J; Ploeger, Felix; Haynes, Peter H
30-Jun-2015The distribution of precipitation and the spread in tropical upper tropospheric temperature trends in CMIP5/AMIP simulationsFueglistaler, Stephan; Radley, Claire; Held, Isaac M
9-May-2012Horizontal transport affecting trace gas seasonality in the Tropical Tropopause Layer (TTL)Ploeger, Felix; Konopka, Paul; Müller, Rolf; Fueglistaler, Stephan; Schmidt, Torsten; et al
11-Jul-2013Horizontal water vapor transport in the lower stratosphere from subtropics to high latitudes during boreal summerPloeger, Felix; Günther, Gebhard; Konopka, Paul; Fueglistaler, Stephan; Müller, Rolf; et al
10-Jan-2020How Tropical Convection Couples High Moist Static Energy Over Land and OceanZhang, Yi; Fueglistaler, Stephan
23-Apr-2015IGCM4: a fast, parallel and flexible intermediate climate modelJoshi, Manoj; Stringer, Marc; van der Wiel, Karin; O'Callaghan, Amee; Fueglistaler, Stephan
31-May-2013Impacts of Atmospheric Temperature Trends on Tropical Cyclone ActivityVecchi, Gabriel A; Fueglistaler, Stephan; Held, Isaac M; Knutson, Thomas R; Zhao, Ming
19-Apr-2013The importance of the tropical tropopause layer for equatorial Kelvin wave propagationFlannaghan, Thomas J; Fueglistaler, Stephan
27-Sep-2013Large differences in reanalyses of diabatic heating in the tropical upper troposphere and lower stratosphereWright, Jonathon S; Fueglistaler, Stephan
25-Aug-2020Linearity of Outgoing Longwave Radiation: From an Atmospheric Column to Global Climate ModelsZhang, Yi; Jeevanjee, Nadir; Fueglistaler, Stephan
31-Oct-2013Maintenance of the Stratospheric Structure in an Idealized General Circulation ModelJucker, Martin; Fueglistaler, Stephan; Vallis, Geoffrey K