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Measurement of the Υ (1S), Υ (2S), and Υ (3S) cross sections in pp collisions at √s = 7 TeV

Author(s): Chatrchyan, S; Khachatryan, V; Sirunyan, AM; Tumasyan, A; Adam, W; et al

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dc.contributor.authorSirunyan, AM-
dc.contributor.authorTumasyan, A-
dc.contributor.authorAdam, W-
dc.contributor.authorAguilo, E-
dc.contributor.authorBergauer, T-
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M, Assran, Y, Elgammal, S, Kamel, A Ellithi, Mahmoud, MA, Mahrous, A, Radi, A, Kadastik, M, Muentel, M, Murumaa, M, Raidal, M, Rebane, L, Tiko, A, Eerola, P, Fedi, G, Voutilainen, M, Harkonen, J, Heikkinen, A, Karimaki, V, Kinnunen, R, Kortelainen, MJ, Lampen, T, Lassila-Perini, K, Lehti, S, Linden, T, Luukka, P, Maenpaa, T, Peltola, T, Tuominen, E, Tuominiemi, J, Tuovinen, E, Ungaro, D, Wendland, L, Banzuzi, K, Karjalainen, A, Korpela, A, Tuuva, T, Besancon, M, Choudhury, S, Dejardin, M, Denegri, D, Fabbro, B, Faure, JL, Ferri, F, Ganjour, S, Givernaud, A, Gras, P, de Monchenault, G Hamel, Jarry, P, Locci, E, Malcles, J, Millischer, L, Nayak, A, Rander, J, Rosowsky, A, Titov, M, Baffioni, S, Beaudette, F, Benhabib, L, Bianchini, L, Bluj, M, Busson, P, Charlot, C, Daci, N, Dahms, T, Dalchenko, M, Dobrzynski, L, Florent, A, de Cassagnac, R Granier, Haguenauer, M, Mine, P, Mironov, C, Naranjo, IN, Nguyen, M, Ochando, C, Paganini, P, Sabes, D, Salerno, R, Sirois, Y, Veelken, C, Zabi, A, Agram, J-L, Andrea, J, Bloch, D, Bodin, D, Brom, J-M, Cardaci, M, Chabert, EC, Collard, C, Conte, E, Drouhin, F, Fontaine, J-C, Gele, D, Goerlach, U, Juillot, P, Le Bihan, A-C, Van Hove, P, Fassi, F, Mercier, D, Beauceron, S, Beaupere, N, Bondu, O, Boudoul, G, Brochet, S, Chasserat, J, Chierici, R, Contardo, D, Depasse, P, El Mamouni, H, Fay, J, Gascon, S, Gouzevitch, M, Ille, B, Kurca, T, Lethuillier, M, Mirabito, L, Perries, S, Sgandurra, L, Sordini, V, Tschudi, Y, Verdier, P, Viret, S, Tsamalaidze, Z, Autermann, C, Beranek, S, Calpas, B, Edelhoff, M, Feld, L, Heracleous, N, Hindrichs, O, Jussen, R, Klein, K, Merz, J, Ostapchuk, A, Perieanu, A, Raupach, F, Sammet, J, Schael, S, Sprenger, D, Weber, H, Wittmer, B, Zhukov, V, Ata, M, Caudron, J, Dietz-Laursonn, E, Duchardt, D, Erdmann, M, Fischer, R, Gueth, A, Hebbeker, T, Heidemann, C, Hoepfner, K, Klingebiel, D, Kreuzer, P, Merschmeyer, M, Meyer, A, Olschewski, M, Papacz, P, Pieta, H, Reithler, H, Schmitz, SA, Sonnenschein, L, Steggemann, J, Teyssier, D, Thueer, S, Weber, M, Bontenackels, M, Cherepanov, V, Erdogan, Y, Fluegge, G, Geenen, H, Geisler, M, Ahmad, W Haj, Hoehle, F, Kargoll, B, Kress, T, Kuessel, Y, Lingemann, J, Nowack, A, Perchalla, L, Pooth, O, Sauerland, P, Stahl, A, Martin, M Aldaya, Behr, J, Behrenhoff, W, Behrens, U, Bergholz, M, Bethani, A, Borras, K, Burgmeier, A, Cakir, A, Calligaris, L, Campbell, A, Castro, E, Costanza, F, Dammann, D, Pardos, C Diez, Eckerlin, G, Eckstein, D, Flucke, G, Geiser, A, Glushkov, I, Gunnellini, P, Habib, S, Hauk, J, Hellwig, G, Jung, H, Kasemann, M, Katsas, P, Kleinwort, C, Kluge, H, Knutsson, A, Kraemer, M, Kruecker, D, Kuznetsova, E, Lange, W, Leonard, J, Lohmann, W, Lutz, B, Mankel, R, Marfin, I, Marienfeld, M, Melzer-Pellmann, I-A, Meyer, AB, Mnich, J, Mussgiller, A, Naumann-Emme, S, Novgorodova, O, Nowak, F, Olzem, J, Perrey, H, Petrukhin, A, Pitzl, D, Raspereza, A, Cipriano, PM Ribeiro, Riedl, C, Ron, E, Rosin, M, Salfeld-Nebgen, J, Schmidt, R, Schoerner-Sadenius, T, Sen, N, Spiridonov, A, Stein, M, Walsh, R, Wissing, C, Blobel, V, Enderle, H, Erfle, J, Gebbert, U, Goerner, M, Gosselink, M, Haller, J, Hermanns, T, Hoeing, RS, Kaschube, K, Kaussen, G, Kirschenmann, H, Klanner, R, Lange, J, Peiffer, T, Pietsch, N, Rathjens, D, Sander, C, Schettler, H, Schleper, P, Schlieckau, E, Schmidt, A, Schroeder, M, Schum, T, Seidel, M, Sibille, J, Sola, V, Stadie, H, Steinbrueck, G, Thomsen, J, Vanelderen, L, Barth, C, Berger, J, Boeser, C, Chwalek, T, De Boer, W, Descroix, A, Dierlamm, A, Feindt, M, Guthoff, M, Hackstein, C, Hartmann, F, Hauth, T, Heinrich, M, Held, H, Hoffmann, KH, Husemann, U, Katkov, I, Komaragiri, JR, Pardo, P Lobelle, Martschei, D, Mueller, S, Mueller, Th, Niegel, M, Nuernberg, A, Oberst, O, Oehler, A, Ott, J, Quast, G, Rabbertz, K, Ratnikov, F, Ratnikova, N, Roecker, S, Schilling, F-P, Schott, G, Simonis, HJ, Stober, FM, Troendle, D, Ulrich, R, Wagner-Kuhr, J, Wayand, S, Weiler, T, Zeise, M, Anagnostou, G, Daskalakis, G, Geralis, T, Kesisoglou, S, Kyriakis, A, Loukas, D, Manolakos, I, Markou, A, Markou, C, Ntomari, E, Gouskos, L, Mertzimekis, TJ, Panagiotou, A, Saoulidou, N, Evangelou, I, Foudas, C, Kokkas, P, Manthos, N, Papadopoulos, I, Patras, V, Bencze, G, Hajdu, C, Hidas, P, Horvath, D, Sikler, F, Veszpremi, V, Vesztergombi, G, Zsigmond, AJ, Beni, N, Czellar, S, Molnar, J, Palinkas, J, Szillasi, Z, Karancsi, J, Raics, P, Trocsanyi, ZL, Ujvari, B, Beri, SB, Bhatnagar, V, Dhingra, N, Gupta, R, Kaur, M, Mehta, MZ, Nishu, N, Saini, LK, Sharma, A, Singh, JB, Kumar, Ashok, Kumar, Arun, Ahuja, S, Bhardwaj, A, Choudhary, BC, Malhotra, S, Naimuddin, M, Ranjan, K, Sharma, V, Shivpuri, RK, Banerjee, S, Bhattacharya, S, Dutta, S, Gomber, B, Jain, Sa, Jain, Sh, Khurana, R, Sarkar, S, Sharan, M, Abdulsalam, A, Dutta, D, Kailas, S, Kumar, V, Mohanty, AK, Pant, LM, Shukla, P, Aziz, T, Ganguly, S, Guchait, M, Gurtu, A, Maity, M, Majumder, G, Mazumdar, K, Mohanty, GB, Parida, B, Sudhakar, K, Wickramage, N, Banerjee, S, Dugad, S, Arfaei, H, Bakhshiansohi, H, Etesami, SM, Fahim, A, Hashemi, M, Hesari, H, Jafari, A, Khakzad, M, Najafabadi, M Mohammadi, Mehdiabadi, S Paktinat, Safarzadeh, B, Zeinali, M, Abbrescia, M, Barbone, L, Calabria, C, Chhibra, SS, Colaleo, A, Creanza, D, De Filippis, N, De Palma, M, Fiore, L, Iaselli, G, Maggi, G, Maggi, M, Marangelli, B, My, S, Nuzzo, S, Pacifico, N, Pompili, A, Pugliese, G, Selvaggi, G, Silvestris, L, Singh, G, Venditti, R, Verwilligen, P, Zito, G, Abbiendi, G, Benvenuti, AC, Bonacorsi, D, Braibant-Giacomelli, S, Brigliadori, L, Capiluppi, P, Castro, A, Cavallo, FR, Cuffiani, M, Dallavalle, GM, Fabbri, F, Fanfani, A, Fasanella, D, Giacomelli, P, Grandi, C, Guiducci, L, Marcellini, S, Masetti, G, Meneghelli, M, Montanari, A, Navarria, FL, Odorici, F, Perrotta, A, Primavera, F, Rossi, AM, Rovelli, T, Siroli, GP, Tosi, N, Travaglini, R, Albergo, S, Cappello, G, Chiorboli, M, Costa, S, Potenza, R, Tricomi, A, Tuve, C, Barbagli, G, Ciulli, V, Civinini, C, D Alessandro, R, Focardi, E, Frosali, S, Gallo, E, Gonzi, S, Meschini, M, Paoletti, S, Sguazzoni, G, Tropiano, A, Benussi, L, Bianco, S, Colafranceschi, S, Fabbri, F, Piccolo, D, Fabbricatore, P, Musenich, R, Tosi, S, Benaglia, A, De Guio, F, Di Matteo, L, Fiorendi, S, Gennai, S, Ghezzi, A, Malvezzi, S, Manzoni, RA, Martelli, A, Massironi, A, Menasce, D, Moroni, L, Paganoni, M, Pedrini, D, Ragazzi, S, Redaelli, N, Sala, S, de Fats, T Tabarelli, Buontempo, S, Cavallo, N, De Cosa, A, Dogangun, O, Fabozzi, F, Iorio, AOM, Lista, L, Meola, S, Merola, M, Paolucci, P, Azzi, P, Bacchetta, N, Bisello, D, Branca, A, Carlin, R, Checchia, P, Dorigo, T, Dosselli, U, Gasparini, F, Gasparini, U, Gozzelino, A, Kanishchev, K, Lacaprara, S, Lazzizzera, I, Margoni, M, Meneguzzo, AT, Pazzini, J, Pozzobon, N, Ronchese, P, Simonetto, F, Torassa, E, Tosi, M, Vanini, S, Zotto, P, Zumerle, G, Gabusi, M, Ratti, SP, Riccardi, C, Torre, P, Vitulo, P, Biasini, M, Bilei, GM, Fano, L, Lariccia, P, Mantovani, G, Menichelli, M, Nappi, A, Romeo, F, Saha, A, Santocchia, A, Spiezia, A, Taroni, S, Azzurri, P, Bagliesi, G, Bernardini, J, Boccali, T, Broccolo, G, Castaldi, R, D Agnolo, RT, Dell Orso, R, Fiori, F, Foa, L, Giassi, A, Kraan, A, Ligabue, F, Lomtadze, T, Martini, L, Messineo, A, Palla, F, Rizzi, A, Serban, AT, Spagnolo, P, Squillacioti, P, Tenchini, R, Tonelli, G, Venturi, A, Verdini, PG, Barone, L, Cavallari, F, Del Re, D, Diemoz, M, Fanelli, C, Grassi, M, Longo, E, Meridiani, P, Micheli, F, Nourbakhsh, S, Organtini, G, Paramatti, R, Rahatlou, S, Soffi, L, Amapane, N, Arcidiacono, R, Argiro, S, Arneodo, M, Biino, C, Cartiglia, N, Casasso, S, Costa, M, Demaria, N, Mariotti, C, Maselli, S, Mazza, G, Migliore, E, Monaco, V, Musich, M, Obertino, MM, Pastrone, N, Pelliccioni, M, Potenza, A, Romero, A, Sacchi, R, Solano, A, Staiano, A, Belforte, S, Candelise, V, Casarsa, M, Cossutti, F, Della Ricca, G, Gobbo, B, Marone, M, Montanino, D, Penzo, A, Schizzi, A, Kim, TY, Nam, SK, Chang, S, Kim, DH, Kim, GN, Kong, DJ, Park, H, Son, DC, Son, T, Kim, JY, Kim, Zero J, Song, S, Choi, S, Gyun, D, Hong, B, Jo, M, Kim, H, Kim, TJ, Lee, KS, Moon, DH, Park, SK, Roh, Y, Choi, M, Kim, JH, Park, C, Park, IC, Park, S, Ryu, G, Choi, Y, Choi, YK, Goh, J, Kim, MS, Kwon, E, Lee, B, Lee, J, Lee, S, Seo, H, Yu, I, Bilinskas, MJ, Grigelionis, I, Janulis, M, Juodagalvis, A, Castilla-Valdez, H, De la Cruz-Burelo, E, Heredia-de la Cruz, I, Lopez-Fernandez, R, Martinez-Ortega, J, Sanchez-Hernandez, A, Villasenor-Cendejas, LM, Carrillo Moreno, S, Vazquez Valencia, F, Salazar Ibarguen, HA, Casimiro Linares, E, Morelos Pineda, A, Reyes-Santos, MA, Krofcheck, D, Bell, AJ, Butler, PH, Doesburg, R, Reucroft, S, Silverwood, H, Ahmad, M, Asghar, MI, Butt, J, Hoorani, HR, Khalid, S, Khan, WA, Khurshid, T, Qazi, S, Shah, MA, Shoaib, M, Bialkowska, H, Boimska, B, Frueboes, T, Gorski, M, Kazana, M, Nawrocki, K, Romanowska-Rybinska, K, Szleper, M, Wrochna, G, Zalewski, P, Brona, G, Bunkowski, K, Cwiok, M, Dominik, W, Doroba, K, Kalinowski, A, Konecki, M, Krolikowski, J, Misiura, M, Almeida, N, Bargassa, P, David, A, Faccioli, P, Ferreira Parracho, PG, Gallinaro, M, Seixas, J, Varela, J, Vischia, P, Belotelov, I, Bunin, P, Gavrilenko, M, Golutvin, I, Gorbunov, I, Kamenev, A, Karjavin, V, Kozlov, G, Lanev, A, Malakhov, A, Moisenz, P, Palichik, V, Perelygin, V, Shmatov, S, Smirnov, V, Volodko, A, Zarubin, A, Evstyukhin, S, Golovtsov, V, Ivanov, Y, Kim, V, Levchenko, P, Murzin, V, Oreshkin, V, Smirnov, I, Sulimov, V, Uvarov, L, Vavilov, S, Vorobyev, A, Vorobyev, An, Andreev, Yu, Dermenev, A, Gninenko, S, Golubev, N, Kirsanov, M, Krasnikov, N, Matveev, V, Pashenkov, A, Tlisov, D, Toropin, A, Epshteyn, V, Erofeeva, M, Gavrilov, V, Kossov, M, Lychkovskaya, N, Popov, V, Safronov, G, Semenov, S, Shreyber, I, Stolin, V, Vlasov, E, Zhokin, A, Andreev, V, Azarkin, M, Dremin, I, Kirakosyan, M, Leonidov, A, Mesyats, G, Rusakov, SV, Vinogradov, A, Belyaev, A, Boos, E, Dubinin, M, Dudko, L, Ershov, A, Gribushin, A, Klyukhin, V, Kodolova, O, Lokhtin, I, Markina, A, Obraztsov, S, Perfilov, M, Petrushanko, S, Popov, A, Sarycheva, L, Savrin, V, Snigirev, A, Azhgirey, I, Bayshev, I, Bitioukov, S, Grishin, V, Kachanov, V, Konstantinov, D, Krychkine, V, Petrov, V, Ryutin, R, Sobol, A, Tourtchanovitch, L, Troshin, S, Tyurin, N, Uzunian, A, Volkov, A, Adzic, P, Djordjevic, M, Ekmedzic, M, Krpic, D, Milosevic, J, Aguilar-Benitez, M, Alcaraz Maestre, J, Arce, P, Battilana, C, Calvo, E, Cerrada, M, Chamizo Llatas, M, Colino, N, De la Cruz, B, Delgado Peris, A, Dominguez Vazquez, D, Fernandez Bedoya, C, Fernandez Ramos, JP, Ferrando, A, Flix, J, Fouz, MC, Garcia-Abia, P, Lopez, O Gonzalez, Lopez, S Goy, Hernandez, JM, Josa, MI, Merino, G, Puerta Pelayo, J, Quintario Olmeda, A, Redondo, I, Romero, L, Santaolalla, J, Soares, MS, Willmott, C, Albajar, C, Codispoti, G, de Troconiz, JF, Brun, H, Cuevas, J, Fernandez Menendez, J, Folgueras, S, Gonzalez Caballero, I, Lloret Iglesias, L, Piedra Gomez, J, Brochero Cifuentes, JA, Cabrillo, IJ, Calderon, A, Chuang, SH, Duarte Campderros, J, Felcini, M, Fernandez, M, Gomez, G, Gonzalez Sanchez, J, Graziano, A, Jorda, C, Lopez Virto, A, Marco, J, Marco, R, Martinez Rivero, C, Matorras, F, Munoz Sanchez, FJ, Rodrigo, T, Rodriguez-Marrero, AY, Ruiz-Jimeno, A, Scodellaro, L, Vila, I, Cortabitarte, R Vilar, Abbaneo, D, Auffray, E, Auzinger, G, Bachtis, M, Baillon, P, Ball, AH, Barney, D, Benitez, JF, Bernet, C, Bianchi, G, Bloch, P, Bocci, A, Bonato, A, Botta, C, Breuker, H, Camporesi, T, Cerminara, G, Christiansen, T, Perez, JA Coarasa, D Enterria, D, Dabrowski, A, De Roeck, A, Di Guida, S, Dobson, M, Dupont-Sagorin, N, Elliott-Peisert, A, Frisch, B, Funk, W, Georgiou, G, Giffels, M, Gigi, D, Gill, K, Giordano, D, Girone, M, Giunta, M, Glege, F, Garrido, R Gomez-Reino, Govoni, P, Goyvdy, S, Guida, R, Gundacker, S, Hammer, J, Hansen, M, Harris, P, Hartl, C, Harvey, J, Hegner, B, Hinzmann, A, Innocente, V, Janot, P, Kaadze, K, Karavakis, E, Kousouris, K, Lecoq, P, Lee, Y-J, Lenzi, P, Lourenco, C, Magini, N, Maeki, T, Malberti, M, Malgeri, L, Mannelli, M, Masetti, L, Meijers, F, Mersi, S, Meschi, E, Moser, R, Mozer, MU, Mulders, M, Musella, P, Nesvold, E, Orsini, L, Cortezon, E Palencia, Perez, E, Perrozzi, L, Petrilli, A, Pfeiffer, A, Pierini, M, Pimiae, M, Piparo, D, Polese, G, Quertenmont, L, Racz, A, Reece, W, Antunes, J Rodrigues, Rolandi, G, Rovelli, C, Rovere, M, Sakulin, H, Santanastasio, F, Schaefer, C, Schwick, C, Segoni, I, Sekmen, S, Sharma, A, Siegrist, P, Silva, P, Simon, M, Sphicas, P, Spiga, D, Tsirou, A, Veres, GI, Vlimant, JR, Woehri, HK, Worm, SD, Zeuner, WD, Bertl, W, Deiters, K, Erdmann, W, Gabathuler, K, Horisberger, R, Ingram, Q, Kaestli, HC, Koenig, S, Kotlinski, D, Langenegger, U, Meier, F, Renker, D, Rohe, T, Baeni, L, Bortignon, P, Buchmann, MA, Casal, B, Chanon, N, Deisher, A, Dissertori, G, Dittmar, M, Donega, M, Duenser, M, Eller, P, Eugster, J, Freudenreich, K, Grab, C, Hits, D, Lecomte, P, Lustermann, W, Marini, AC, Del Arbol, P Martinez Ruiz, Mohr, N, Moortgat, F, Naegeli, C, Nef, P, Nessi-Tedaldi, F, Pandolfi, F, Pape, L, Pauss, F, Peruzzi, M, Ronga, FJ, Rossini, M, Sala, L, Sanchez, AK, Starodumov, A, Stieger, B, Takahashi, M, Tauscher, L, Thea, A, Theofilatos, K, Treille, D, Urscheler, C, Wallny, R, Weber, HA, Wehrli, L, Amsler, C, Chiochia, V, De Visscher, S, Favaro, C, Rikova, M Ivova, Kilminster, B, Mejias, B Millan, Otiougova, P, Robmann, P, Snoek, H, Tupputi, S, Verzetti, M, Chang, YH, Chen, KH, Ferro, C, Kuo, CM, Li, SW, Lin, W, Lu, YJ, Singh, AP, Volpe, R, Yu, SS, Bartalini, P, Chang, P, Chang, YH, Chang, YW, Chao, Y, Chen, KF, Dietz, C, Grundler, U, Hou, W-S, Hsiung, Y, Kao, KY, Lei, YJ, Lu, R-S, Majumder, D, Petrakou, E, Shi, X, Shiu, JG, Tzeng, YM, Wan, X, Wang, M, Asavapibhop, B, Srimanobhas, N, Adiguzel, A, Bakirci, MN, Cerci, S, Dozen, C, Dumanoglu, I, Eskut, E, Girgis, S, Gokbulut, G, Gurpinar, E, Hos, I, Kangal, EE, Karaman, T, Karapinar, G, Topaksu, A Kayis, Onengut, G, Ozdemir, K, Ozturk, S, Polatoz, A, Sogut, K, Cerci, D Sunar, Tali, B, Topakli, H, Vergili, LN, Vergili, M, Akin, IV, Aliev, T, Bilin, B, Bilmis, S, Deniz, M, Gamsizkan, H, Guler, AM, Ocalan, K, Ozpineci, A, Serin, M, Sever, R, Surat, UE, Yalvac, M, Yildirim, E, Zeyrek, M, Gulmez, E, Isildak, B, Kaya, M, Kaya, O, Ozkorucuklu, S, Sonmez, N, Cankocak, K, Levchuk, L, Brooke, JJ, Clement, E, Cussans, D, Flacher, H, Frazier, R, Goldstein, J, Grimes, M, Heath, GP, Heath, HF, Kreczko, L, Metson, S, Newbold, DM, Nirunpong, K, Poll, A, Senkin, S, Smith, VJ, Williams, T, Basso, L, Bell, KW, Belyaev, A, Brew, C, Brown, RM, Cockerill, DJA, Coughlan, JA, Harder, K, Harper, S, Jackson, J, Kennedy, BW, Olaiya, E, Petyt, D, Radburn-Smith, BC, Shepherd-Themistocleous, CH, Tomalin, IR, Womersley, WJ, Bainbridge, R, Ball, G, Beuselinck, R, Buchmuller, O, Colling, D, Cripps, N, Cutajar, M, Dauncey, P, Davies, G, Della Negra, M, Ferguson, W, Fulcher, J, Futyan, D, Gilbert, 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Contreras-Campana, C, Contreras-Campana, E, Duggan, D, Ferencek, D, Gershtein, Y, Gray, R, Halkiadakis, E, Hidas, D, Lath, A, Panwalkar, S, Park, M, Patel, R, Rekovic, V, Robles, J, Rose, K, Salur, S, Schnetzer, S, Seitz, C, Somalwar, S, Stone, R, Thomas, S, Walker, M, Cerizza, G, Hollingsworth, M, Spanier, S, Yang, ZC, York, A, Eusebi, R, Flanagan, W, Gilmore, J, Kamon, T, Khotilovich, V, Montalvo, R, Osipenkov, I, Pakhotin, Y, Perloff, A, Roe, J, Safonov, A, Sakuma, T, Sengupta, S, Suarez, I, Tatarinov, A, Toback, D, Akchurin, N, Damgov, J, Dragoiu, C, Dudero, PR, Jeong, C, Kovitanggoon, K, Lee, SW, Libeiro, T, Volobouev, I, Appelt, E, Delannoy, AG, Florez, C, Greene, S, Gurrola, A, Johns, W, Kurt, P, Maguire, C, Melo, A, Sharma, M, Sheldon, P, Snook, B, Tuo, S, Velkovska, J, Arenton, MW, Balazs, M, Boutle, S, Cox, B, Francis, B, Goodell, J, Hirosky, R, Ledovskoy, A, Lin, C, Neu, C, Wood, J, Gollapinni, S, Harr, R, Karchin, PE, Don, C Kottachchi Kankanamge, Lamichhane, P, Sakharov, A, Anderson, M, Belknap, DA, Borrello, L, Carlsmith, D, Cepeda, M, Dasu, S, Friis, E, Gray, L, Grogg, KS, Grothe, M, Hall-Wilton, R, Herndon, M, Herve, A, Klabbers, P, Klukas, J, Lanaro, A, Lazaridis, C, Loveless, R, Mohapatra, A, Ojalvo, I, Palmonari, F, Pierro, GA, Ross, I, Savin, A, Smith, WH, Swanson, J. (2013). Measurement of the Υ (1S), Υ (2S), and Υ (3S) cross sections in pp collisions at √s = 7 TeV. PHYSICS LETTERS B, 727 (101 - 125). doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2013.10.033en_US
dc.description.abstractThe Upsilon(1S), Upsilon(2S), and Upsilon(3S) production cross sections are measured using a data sample corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 35.8 +/- 1.4 pb(-1) of proton-proton collisions at root s = 7 TeV, collected with the CMS detector at the LHC. The Upsilon resonances are identified through their decays to dimuons. Integrated over the Upsilon transverse momentum range p(T)(Upsilon) < 50 GeV/c and rapidity range vertical bar y(Upsilon)vertical bar < 2.4, and assuming unpolarized Upsilon production, the products of the Upsilon production cross sections and dimuon branching fractions are sigma (pp -> Upsilon(1S)X) . B(Upsilon(1S) -> mu(+)mu(-)) = (8.55 +/- 0.05(-0.50)(+0.56) +/- 0.34) nb, sigma (pp -> Upsilon(2S)X) . B(Upsilon(2S) -> mu(+)mu(-)) = (2.21 +/- 0.03(-0.14)(+0.16) +/- 0.09) nb, sigma (pp -> Upsilon(3S)X) . B(Upsilon(3S) -> mu(+)mu(-)) = (1.11 +/- 0.02(-0.08)(+0.10) +/- 0.04) nb, where the first uncertainty is statistical, the second is systematic, and the third is from the uncertainty in the integrated luminosity. The differential cross sections in bins of transverse momentum and rapidity, and the cross section ratios are presented. Cross section measurements performed within a restricted muon kinematic range and not corrected for acceptance are also provided. These latter measurements are independent of Upsilon polarization assumptions. The results are compared to theoretical predictions and previous measurements. (C) 2013 CERN. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. This article is published Open Access at It is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original authors and source are credited.en_US
dc.format.extent101 - 125en_US
dc.relation.ispartofPHYSICS LETTERS Ben_US
dc.rightsFinal published version. This is an open access article.en_US
dc.titleMeasurement of the Υ (1S), Υ (2S), and Υ (3S) cross sections in pp collisions at √s = 7 TeVen_US
dc.typeJournal Articleen_US

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