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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
23-Sep-2015Does Product Placement Change Television Viewers’ Social Behavior?Paluck, Elizabeth Levy; Lagunes, Paul; Green, Donald P; Vavreck, Lynn; Peer, Limor; et al
26-Jun-2015Promoting an open research culture: Author guidelines for journals could help to promote transparency, openness, and reproducibilityNosek, BA; Alter, G; Banks, GC; Borsboom, D; Bowman, SD; et al
14-May-2015Full correlation matrix analysis (FCMA): An unbiased method for task-related functional connectivityWang, Y; Cohen, Jonathan D.; Li, Kai; Turk-Browne, Nicholas B.
9-Jan-2013The Neural Substrates of Social Influence on Decision MakingTomlin, Damon; Nedic, Andrea; Prentice, Deborah A; Holmes, Philip; Cohen, Jonathan D