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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
18-Dec-2018Citizen Science in Schools: Students Collect Valuable Mammal Data for Science, Conservation, and Community EngagementSchuttler, Stephanie G.; Sears, Rebecca S.; Orendain, Isabel; Khot, Rahul; Rubenstein, Daniel I.; et al
1-Nov-2018Temporal structuring of vigilance behaviour by female Thomson's gazelles with hidden fawnsCostelloe, B.R.; Rubenstein, Daniel I.
1-Aug-2018Resolving a conservation dilemma: Vulnerable lions eating endangered zebrasO’Brien, Timothy G.; Kinnaird, Margaret F.; Ekwanga, Steven; Wilmers, Christopher; Williams, Terrie; et al
Aug-2018Revealing life-history traits by contrasting genetic estimations with predictions of effective population sizeGreenbaum, Gili; Renan, Sharon; Templeton, Alan R.; Bouskila, Amos; Saltz, David; et al
Jul-2018Tightly Bunched Herding Improves Cattle Performance in African Savanna RangelandOdadi, Wilfred O.; Riginos, Corinna; Rubenstein, Daniel I.
Jul-2018Mutualistic acacia ants exhibit reduced aggression and more frequent off-tree movements near termite moundsHenry, Lucas P.; Tokita, Christopher K.; Misra, Mayank; Forrow, Avery B.; Rubenstein, Daniel I.
3-May-2018An Animal Detection Pipeline for IdentificationParham, J.; Stewart, C.; Crall, J.; Rubenstein, Daniel I.; Holmberg, J.; et al
Feb-2018Consistent individual variation across interaction networks indicates social personalities in lemursKulahci, Ipek G.; Ghazanfar, Asif A.; Rubenstein, Daniel I.
26-Jan-2018Moving in the Anthropocene: Global reductions in terrestrial mammalian movementsTucker, Marlee A.; Böhning-Gaese, Katrin; Fagan, William F.; Fryxell, John M.; Van Moorter, Bram; et al
1-Jan-2018Behavioral and Ecological Implications of Bunched, Rotational Cattle Grazing in East African Savanna EcosystemCrawford, Christopher L.; Volenec, Zoe M.; Sisanya, Martin; Kibet, Robert; Rubenstein, Daniel I.
Dec-2017Pastoralist societies in flux: A conceptual framework analysis of herding and land use among the Mukugodo Maasai of KenyaHauck, Stephanie; Rubenstein, Daniel I.
Oct-2017Vegetation, Wildlife, and Livestock Responses to Planned Grazing Management in an African Pastoral LandscapeOdadi, Wilfred O.; Fargione, Joe; Rubenstein, Daniel I.
19-Aug-2017Physiology modulates social flexibility and collective behaviour in equids and other large ungulatesGersick, Andrew S.; Rubenstein, Daniel I.
1-Mar-2017Lingering effects of contraception management on feral mare (Equus caballus) fertility and social behaviorNuñez, Cassandra M.V.; Adelman, James S.; Carr, Haley A.; Alvarez, Colleen M.; Rubenstein, Daniel I.
Dec-2016Effects of holistic grazing management on milk production, weight gain, and visitation to grazing areas by livestock and wildlife in Laikipia County, KenyaLalampaa, Priscilla K.; Wasonga, Oliver V.; Rubenstein, Daniel I.; Njoka, Jesse T.
1-Nov-2016Evidence based review: positive versus negative effects of livestock grazing on wildlife. What do we really know?Schieltz, Jennifer M; Rubenstein, Daniel I.
Jul-2016Social networks predict selective observation and information spread in ravensKulahci, Ipek G; Rubenstein, Daniel I.; Bugnyar, Thomas; Hoppitt, William; Mikus, Nace; et al
5-Jan-2016From Pleistocene to trophic rewilding: A wolf in sheep’s clothingRubenstein, Dustin R; Rubenstein, Daniel I.
1-Dec-2015The launch of Environmental Research ReviewsRubenstein, Daniel I.; Kammen, Daniel M
Nov-2015Coping with transition: offspring risk and maternal behavioural changes at the end of the hiding phaseCostelloe, Blair R.; Rubenstein, Daniel I.