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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2013Fourier-Bessel rotational invariant eigenimagesZhao, Zhizhen; Singer, Amit
2014Linear inverse problems on Erdos-Renyi graphs: Information-theoretic limits and efficient recoveryAbbe, Emmanuel A; Bandeira, Afonso S; Bracher, Annina; Singer, Amit
Jun-2018Honeycomb Schrodinger Operators in the Strong Binding RegimeFefferman, Charles L.; Lee-Thorp, James P; Weinstein, Michael I
Oct-2016TESTING THE MANIFOLD HYPOTHESISFefferman, Charles L.; Mitter, Sanjoy; Narayanan, Hariharan
2017Interpolation of data by smooth nonnegative functionsFefferman, Charles L.; Israel, Arie; Luli, Garving K
Dec-2018Sharp Finiteness Principles For Lipschitz SelectionsFefferman, Charles L.; Shvartsman, Pavel
20-Aug-2016Asymptotic stability of solitons for mKdVGermain, Pierre; Pusateri, Fabio Giuseppe; Rousset, Frederic
Oct-2013Space-Time Resonances and the Null Condition for First-Order Systems of Wave EquationsPusateri, Fabio Giuseppe; Shatah, Jalal
Dec-2014Modified Scattering for the Boson Star EquationPusateri, Fabio Giuseppe
Sep-2013Scattering for the Zakharov System in 3 DimensionsHani, Zaher; Pusateri, Fabio Giuseppe; Shatah, Jalal