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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2016Finiteness Principles for Smooth SelectionFefferman, Charles L.; Israel, Arie; Luli, Garving K
Dec-2014STRUCTURAL STABILITY FOR THE SPLASH SINGULARITIES OF THE WATER WAVES PROBLEMCastro, Angel; Cordoba, Diego; Fefferman, Charles L.; Gancedo, Francisco; Gomez-Serrano, Javier
Mar-2016Bifurcations of edge states-topologically protected and non-protected-in continuous 2D honeycomb structuresFefferman, Charles L.; Lee-Thorp, JP; Weinstein, MI
Mar-2016Photonic realization of topologically protected bound states in domain-wall waveguide arraysLee-Thorp, JP; Vukicevic, I; Xu, X; Yang, J; Fefferman, Charles L., et al
20-Jul-2016LOCALIZATION AND BROADBAND FOLLOW-UP OF THE GRAVITATIONAL-WAVE TRANSIENT GW 150914Abbott, BP; Abbott, R; Abbott, TD; Abernathy, MR; Acernese, F, et al
Apr-2016Linear Boolean Classification, Coding and the Critical ProblemAbbe, Emmanuel; Alon, N; Bandeira, A; Sandon, C
Jan-2017Rooted grid minorsMarx, Daniel; Seymour, Paul D; Wollan, Paul
2021The full spectrum of random walks on complete finite d-ary treesNestoridi, Evita; Nguyen, Oanh