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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
May-2019Using a probabilistic model to assist merging of large-scale administrative recordsEnamorado, Ted; Fifield, Benjamin; Imai, Kosuke
Jul-2015Polarizing the electoral connection: Partisan representation in Supreme Court confirmation politicsKastellec, John; Lax, JR; Malecki, M; Phillips, JH
Aug-2014Mediation: R package for causal mediation analysisTingley, Dustin; Yamamoto, Teppei; Hirose, Kentaro; Keele, Luke; Imai, Kosuke
Jul-2014Religion in the arab spring: Between two competing narrativesHoffman, Michael; Jamal, Amaney A.
3-Jul-2015Robust Estimation of Inverse Probability Weights for Marginal Structural ModelsImai, Kosuke; Ratkovic, Marc
Oct-2017Competing for Loyalty: The Dynamics of Rallying SupportIaryczower, Matias; Oliveros, Santiago
6-Dec-2012Rational reasonableness: Toward a positive theory of public reasonHadfield, Gillian K; Macedo, Stephen J.
10-Mar-2016Does Stigmatized Social Risk Lead to Denialism? Results from a Survey Experiment on Race, Risk Perception, and Health Policy in the United States.Dunham, Yarrow; Lieberman, Evan S.; Snell, Steven A.
Jan-2013The supreme court and percolation in the lower courts: An optimal stopping modelClark, Tom S.; Kastellec, John
5-May-2016Priming racial resentment without stereotypic cuesStephens-Dougan, LaFleur