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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
9-Dec-2016A Fluorinated Alkoxyaluminate Electrolyte for Magnesium-Ion BatteriesHerb, Jake T; Nist-Lund, Carl A; Arnold, Craig B
5-Jan-2017Irreversible Adsorption Controls Crystallization in Vapor-Deposited Polymer Thin FilmsJeong, Hyuncheol; Napolitano, Simone; Arnold, Craig B; Priestley, Rodney D
Feb-2017Generation of nanoscale anticounterfeiting patterns on silicon by optical trap assisted nanopatterningChen, T-H; Tsai, Y-C; Fardel, R; Arnold, Craig B
1-Jan-2017Nonlinear optical waveguides in As_2S_3-Ag_2S chalcogenide glass thin filmsAlmeida, JMP; Barbano, EC; Arnold, Craig B; Misoguti, L; Mendonça, CR
23-Jan-2017Anisotropic crystallization in solution processed chalcogenide thin film by linearly polarized laserGu, Tingyi; Jeong, Hyuncheol; Yang, Kengran; Wu, Fan; Yao, Nan, et al
11-Jun-2014Theoretical Investigation of H 2 Oxidation on the Sr 2 Fe 1.5 Mo 0.5 O 6 (001) Perovskite Surface under Anodic Solid Oxide Fuel Cell ConditionsSuthirakun, Suwit; Ammal, Salai Cheettu; Muñoz-García, Ana B; Xiao, Guoliang; Chen, Fanglin, et al
Apr-2017A martingale analysis of first passage times of time-dependent Wiener diffusion modelsSrivastava, Vaibhav; Feng, Samuel F; Cohen, Jonathan D; Leonard, Naomi Ehrich; Shenhav, Amitai
Sep-2016Using Network Dynamical Influence to Drive ConsensusPunzo, Giuliano; Young, George F; Macdonald, Malcolm; Leonard, Naomi E
Aug-2015A monomer-trimer model supports intermittent glucagon fibril growthKošmrlj, Andrej; Cordsen, Pia; Kyrsting, Anders; Otzen, Daniel E; Oddershede, Lene B, et al
27-Dec-2016Distributed cooperative decision-making in multiarmed bandits: Frequentist and Bayesian algorithmsLandgren, P; Srivastava, V; Leonard, NE