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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2015Ab Initio Kinetics of Hydrogen Abstraction from Methyl Acetate by Hydrogen, Methyl, Oxygen, Hydroxyl, and Hydroperoxy RadicalsTan, Ting; Yang, Xueliang; Krauter, Caroline M; Ju, Yiguang; Carter, Emily A
2013Ab Initio DFT+U Analysis of Oxygen Vacancy Formation and Migration in La1-xSrxFeO3-δ (x = 0, 0.25, 0.50)Ritzmann, Andrew M; Muñoz-García, Ana B; Pavone, Michele; Keith, John A; Carter, Emily A
2018A robust solution for the resistive MHD toroidal Δ′ matrix in near real-timeGlasser, Alexander S; Kolemen, Egemen
2017A two mixture fraction flamelet model for large eddy simulation of turbulent flames with inhomogeneous inletsPerry, Bruce A; Mueller, Michael E; Masri, Assaad R
2014A soft microchannel decreases polydispersity of droplet generationPang, Yan; Kim, Hyoungsoo; Liu, Zhaomiao; Stone, Howard A
2020Ab Initio Kinetics of Methylamine Radical Thermal Decomposition and H-Abstraction from Monomethylhydrazine by H-AtomSun, Hongyan; Vaghjiani, Ghanshyam L; Law, Chung K
2013Accelerative propagation and explosion triggering by expanding turbulent premixed flamesAkkerman, V’yacheslav; Chaudhuri, Swetaprovo; Law, Chung K
2019A quantitative study of the effect of flow on the photopolymerization of fibersSlutzky, Malcolm; Stone, Howard A; Nunes, Janine K
2018A Riccati solution for the ideal MHD plasma response with applications to real-time stability controlGlasser, Alexander; Kolemen, Egemen; Glasser, Alan