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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2014State-of-the-art neoclassical tearing mode control in DIII-D using real-time steerable electron cyclotron current drive launchersKolemen, E; Welander, AS; La Haye, RJ; Eidietis, NW; Humphreys, DA, et al
May-2015The Mechanical World of BacteriaPersat, Alexandre; Nadell, Carey D; Kim, Minyoung Kevin; Ingremeau, Francois; Siryaporn, Albert, et al
8-Jul-2013Electron-Transfer-Induced Dissociation of H 2 on Gold Nanoparticles: Excited-State Potential Energy Surfaces via Embedded Correlated Wavefunction TheoryLibisch, Florian; Cheng, Jin; Carter, Emily Ann
May-2017High-speed axial-scanning wide-field microscopy for volumetric particle tracking velocimetryChen, T-H; Ault, JT; Stone, HA; Arnold, Craig B
-Characterization and Model of Piezoelectrochemical Energy Harvesting Using Lithium ion BatteriesSchiffer, ZJ; Arnold, Craig B
1-Jan-2016Rock-salt structure lithium deuteride formation in liquid lithium with high-concentrations of deuterium: a first-principles molecular dynamics studyChen, Mohan; Abrams, T; Jaworski, MA; Carter, Emily A
1-Mar-2016Orbital-free density functional theory study of amorphous Li–Si alloys and introduction of a simple density decomposition formalismXia, Junchao; Carter, Emily A
2015First-principles assessment of hole transport in pure and Li-doped NiOAlidoust, Nima; Carter, Emily A
14-Jun-2016Petascale Orbital-Free Density Functional Theory Enabled by Small-Box AlgorithmsChen, Mohan; Jiang, Xiang-Wei; Zhuang, Houlong; Wang, Lin-Wang; Carter, Emily A
Feb-2017Selectable light-sheet uniformity using tuned axial scanningDuocastella, Martí; Arnold, Craig B; Puchalla, Jason