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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2013Reduced-order model based feedback control of the modified Hasegawa-Wakatani modelGoumiri, IR; Rowley, Clarence W; Ma, Z; Gates, DA; Krommes, JA, et al
Apr-2013Empirical state-space representations for Theodorsen's lift modelBrunton, Steven L; Rowley, Clarence W
Dec-2015A Data–Driven Approximation of the Koopman Operator: Extending Dynamic Mode DecompositionWilliams, Matthew O; Kevrekidis, Ioannis G; Rowley, Clarence W
Mar-2016Characterizing and correcting for the effect of sensor noise in the dynamic mode decompositionDawson, Scott TM; Hemati, Maziar S; Williams, Matthew O; Rowley, Clarence W
Aug-2015Identifying finite-time coherent sets from limited quantities of Lagrangian dataWilliams, Matthew O; Rypina, Irina I; Rowley, Clarence W
1-Feb-2015Data fusion via intrinsic dynamic variables: An application of data-driven Koopman spectral analysisWilliams, Matthew O; Rowley, Clarence W; Mezić, Igor; Kevrekidis, Ioannis G
Nov-2014Dynamic mode decomposition for large and streaming datasetsHemati, Maziar S; Williams, Matthew O; Rowley, Clarence W
Mar-2015Vortex dynamics in a pipe T-junction: Recirculation and sensitivityChen, Kevin K; Rowley, Clarence W; Stone, Howard A
Sep-2015Uncertainty Quantification for Airfoil Icing Using Polynomial Chaos ExpansionsDeGennaro, Anthony M; Rowley, Clarence W; Martinelli, Luigi
Feb-2015An experimental and modeling study of propene oxidation. Part 2: Ignition delay time and flame speed measurementsBurke, Sinéad M; Burke, Ultan; Mc Donagh, Reuben; Mathieu, Olivier; Osorio, Irmis, et al