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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
4-Sep-2015A direct role for the Sec1/Munc18-family protein Vps33 as a template for SNARE assemblyBaker, Richard W.; Jeffrey, Philip D.; Zick, Michael; Phillips, Ben P.; Wickner, William T., et al
5-Dec-2013MicroRNAs as regulators of tumor-associated stromal cellsEll, Brian; Kang, Yibin
19-May-2015Endoplasmic reticulum stress-independent activation of unfolded protein response kinases by a small molecule ATP-mimicMendez, Aaron S; Alfaro, Jennifer; Morales-Soto, Marisol A; Dar, Arvin C; McCullagh, Emma, et al
30-Dec-2014Specificity in endoplasmic reticulum-stress signaling in yeast entails a step-wise engagement of HAC1 mRNA to clusters of the stress sensor Ire1van Anken, Eelco; Pincus, David; Coyle, Scott; Aragón, Tomás; Osman, Christof, et al
16-Oct-2015Suboptimization of developmental enhancersFarley, Emma K.; Olson, Katrina M.; Zhang, Wei; Brandt, Alexander J.; Rokhsar, Daniel S., et al
16-Jul-2014Large-scale filament formation inhibits the activity of CTP synthetaseBarry, Rachael M; Bitbol, Anne-Florence; Lorestani, Alexander; Charles, Emeric J; Habrian, Chris H, et al
Aug-2016A scaffold protein connects type IV pili with the Chp chemosensory system to mediate activation of virulence signaling in Pseudomonas aeruginosaInclan, Yuki F; Persat, Alexandre; Greninger, Alexander; Von Dollen, John; Johnson, Jeffery, et al
6-Oct-2015RodZ links MreB to cell wall synthesis to mediate MreB rotation and robust morphogenesisMorgenstein, Randy M.; Bratton, Benjamin P.; Nguyen, Jeffrey P.; Ouzounov, Nikolay; Shaevitz, Joshua W., et al
May-2015Colonization, Competition, and Dispersal of Pathogens in Fluid Flow NetworksSiryaporn, Albert; Kim, Minyoung Kevin; Shen, Yi; Stone, Howard A; Gitai, Zemer
2016Removal of <em>Drosophila</em> Muscle Tissue from Larval Fillets for Immunofluorescence Analysis of Sensory Neurons and Epidermal CellsTenenbaum, Conrad M; Gavis, Elizabeth R