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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
20-Jan-2021Placing High-redshift Quasars in Perspective: A Catalog of Spectroscopic Properties from the Gemini Near Infrared Spectrograph-Distant Quasar SurveyMatthews, Brandon M; Shemmer, Ohad; Dix, Cooper; Brotherton, Michael S; Myers, Adam D, et al
15-Feb-2018An ALMA [C II] Survey of 27 Quasars at z > 5.94Decarli, Roberto; Walter, Fabian; Venemans, Bram P; Ba nados, Eduardo; Bertoldi, Frank, et al
9-Apr-2018SPLASH-SXDF Multi-wavelength Photometric CatalogMehta, Vihang; Scarlata, Claudia; Capak, Peter; Davidzon, Iary; Faisst, Andreas, et al
1-Mar-2019Gemini GNIRS Near-infrared Spectroscopy of 50 Quasars at z >= 5.7Shen, Yue; Wu, Jin; Jiang, Linhua; Ba nados, Eduardo; Fan, Xiaohui, et al
21-Jun-2018Wavelength-dependent PSFs and their impact on weak lensing measurementsCarlsten, SG; Strauss, Michael A; Lupton, Robert H; Meyers, Joshua E; Miyazaki, Satoshi
12-Nov-2018No Evidence for Millimeter Continuum Source Overdensities in the Environments of z > approx 6 QuasarsChampagne, Jaclyn B; Decarli, Roberto; Casey, Caitlin M; Venemans, Bram; Ba nados, Eduardo, et al
23-Feb-2018Very Long Baseline Array Imaging of Type-2 Seyferts with Double-peaked Narrow Emission Lines: Searches for Sub-kpc Dual AGNs and Jet-powered OutflowsLiu, Xin; Lazio, T Joseph W; Shen, Yue; Strauss, Michael A
8-May-2019Star Formation and ISM Properties in the Host Galaxies of Three Far-infrared Luminous Quasars at z approx 6Shao, Yali; Wang, Ran; Carilli, Chris L; Wagg, Jeff; Walter, Fabian, et al
13-Dec-2018No Evidence for Enhanced [O III] 88 μm Emission in a z approx 6 Quasar Compared to Its Companion Starbursting GalaxyWalter, Fabian; Riechers, Dominik; Novak, Mladen; Decarli, Roberto; Ferkinhoff, Carl, et al
30-Nov-2020A Spitzer survey of Deep Drilling Fields to be targeted by the Vera C. Rubin Observatory Legacy Survey of Space and TimeLacy, M; Surace, JA; Farrah, D; Nyland, K; Afonso, J, et al