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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2011Pattern formation by a moving morphogen sourceZartman, Jeremiah J; Cheung, Lily S; Niepielko, Matthew G; Bonini, Christine; Haley, Benjamin, et al
Feb-2011A microfluidic array for large-scale ordering and orientation of embryosChung, Kwanghun; Kim, Yoosik; Kanodia, Jitendra S; Gong, Emily; Shvartsman, Stanislav Y, et al
16-Apr-2014Substrate-dependent control of MAPK phosphorylation in vivoKim, Y; Paroush, Z; Nairz, K; Hafen, E; Jimenez, G, et al
15-Jan-2009MAPK signaling in equations and embryosShvartsman, Stanislav Y; Coppey, Mathieu; Berezhkovskii, Alexander M
May-2011Formation of morphogen gradients: Local accumulation timeBerezhkovskii, Alexander M; Sample, Christine; Shvartsman, Stanislav Y
17-Nov-2015RNA Futile Cycling in Model Persisters Derived from MazF AccumulationMok, WWK; Park, JO; Rabinowitz, JD; Brynildsen, MP
30-Oct-2015Stationary-Phase Persisters to Ofloxacin Sustain DNA Damage and Require Repair Systems Only during RecoveryVölzing, Katherine G; Brynildsen, Mark P
May-2015Futile cycling increases sensitivity toward oxidative stress in Escherichia coliAdolfsen, Kristin J; Brynildsen, Mark P
Dec-2015Non-Monotonic Survival of Staphylococcus aureus with Respect to Ciprofloxacin Concentration Arises from Prophage-Dependent Killing of PersistersSandvik, Elizabeth; Fazen, Christopher; Henry, Theresa; Mok, Wendy; Brynildsen, Mark
24-Mar-2015Explicit- and Implicit-Solvent Simulations of Micellization in Surfactant SolutionsJusufi, Arben; Panagiotopoulos, Athanassios Z