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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2017The causes and costs of misallocationRestuccia, Diego; Rogerson, Richard
17-Aug-2016The Gender Gap in Mathematics: Evidence from ChileBharadwaj, Prashant; De Giorgi, Giacomo; Hansen, David; Neilson, Christopher A.
May-2015Connecting student loans to labor market outcomes: Policy lessons from ChileBeyer, Harald; Hastings, Justine; Neilson, Christopher A.; Zimmerman, Seth
May-2019Child Penalties across Countries: Evidence and ExplanationsKleven, Henrik J.; Landais, Camille; Posch, Johanna; Steinhauer, Andreas; Zweimuller, Josef
1-Jan-2015Kahneman's Thinking Fast and Slow: From Bestseller to Textbook: Thinking, Fast and SlowKahneman, Daniel
Dec-2013Two Perspectives on Preferences and Structural TransformationHerrendorf, Berthold; Rogerson, Richard; Valentinyi, Ákos
9-Apr-2019Mapping vaccination coverage to explore the effects of delivery mechanisms and inform vaccination strategies.Utazi, C. Edson; Thorley, Julia; Alegana, Victor A.; Ferrari, Matthew J.; Takahashi, Saki, et al
Jan-2019The potential effect of improved provision of rabies post-exposure prophylaxis in Gavi-eligible countries: a modelling study.WHO Rabies Modelling Consortium; Metcalf, C. Jessica E
13-Jun-2017Where Does the Health Insurance Premium Dollar Go?Reinhardt, Uwe