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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2011Healthier before they migrate, less healthy when they return? The health of returned migrants in MexicoUllmann, S. Heidi; Goldman, Noreen; Massey, Douglas S.
Feb-2010The Geography of Undocumented Mexican MigrationMassey, Douglas S.; Rugh, Jacob S.; Pren, Karen A.
2017Self reported outcomes and adverse events after medical abortion through online telemedicine: population based study in the Republic of Ireland and Northern IrelandAiken, Abigail; Digol, I.; Trussell, James; Gomperts, R.
Jan-2009Fragile Families and the Reproduction of PovertyMcLanahan, Sara
2013Role of Young Women's Depression and Stress Symptoms in Their Weekly Use and Nonuse of Contraceptive MethodsHall, Kelli S.; Moreau, Caroline; Trussell, James; Barber, J.
2012Results from pooled Phase III studies of ulipristal acetate for emergency contraceptionMoreau, Caroline; Trussell, James
2016Unplanned pregnancy and contraceptive use in Hull and East YorkshireBexhell, H.; Guthrie, K.; Cleland, Kelly C.; Trussell, James
2016Requests for Abortion in Latin America Related to Concern about Zika Virus ExposureAiken, Abigail; Scott, J.G.; Gomperts, R.; Trussell, James; Worrell, M., et al
2014The IUB, a newly invented IUD: a brief reportBaram, I.; Weinstein, A.; Trussell, James
2009Risk and the Pregnant BodyDrapkin Lyerly, Anne; Mitchell, Lisa M.; Armstrong, Elizabeth M.; Harris, Lisa H.; Kukla, Rebecca, et al