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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2014Buckling dynamics of a solvent-stimulated stretched elastomeric sheetLucantonio, Alessandro; Roché, Matthieu; Nardinocchi, Paola; Stone, Howard A
2014Buckling of dielectric elastomeric plates for soft, electrically active microfluidic pumpsTavakol, Behrouz; Bozlar, Michael; Punckt, Christian; Froehlicher, Guillaume; Stone, Howard A; et al
2017Calcium oscillations in wounded fibroblast monolayers are spatially regulated through substrate mechanicsLembong, J; Sabass, B; Stone, Howard A
Oct-2016Capillary Leveling of Freestanding Liquid NanofilmsIlton, Mark; Couchman, Miles MP; Gerbelot, Cedric; Benzaquen, Michael; Fowler, Paul D; et al
2018Cell Membranes Resist FlowShi, Z; Graber, ZT; Baumgart, T; Stone, Howard A; Cohen, AE
18-Aug-2014Clogging by sieving in microchannels: Application to the detection of contaminants in colloidal suspensionsSauret, Alban; Barney, Erin C; Perro, Adeline; Villermaux, Emmanuel; Stone, Howard A; et al
22-Feb-2017Coffee-stain growth dynamics on dry and wet surfacesBoulogne, François; Ingremeau, François; Stone, Howard A
May-2015Colonization, Competition, and Dispersal of Pathogens in Fluid Flow NetworksSiryaporn, Albert; Kim, Minyoung Kevin; Shen, Yi; Stone, Howard A; Gitai, Zemer
-Confinement size determines the architecture of Ran-induced microtubule networksGai, Ya; Cook, Brian; Setru, Sagar; Stone, Howard A; Petry, Sabine
Mar-2016Controlled Uniform Coating from the Interplay of Marangoni Flows and Surface-Adsorbed MacromoleculesKim, Hyoungsoo; Boulogne, François; Um, Eujin; Jacobi, Ian; Button, Ernie; et al
May-2014Curvature suppresses the Rayleigh-Taylor instabilityTrinh, Philippe H; Kim, Hyoungsoo; Hammoud, Naima; Howell, Peter D; Chapman, S Jonathan; et al
Feb-2015Damping of liquid sloshing by foamsSauret, A; Boulogne, F; Cappello, J; Dressaire, E; Stone, Howard A
May-2015Damping of liquid sloshing by foams: from everyday observations to liquid transportCappello, J; Sauret, A; Boulogne, F; Dressaire, E; Stone, Howard A
17-Nov-2015Deposition of Quantum Dots in a Capillary TubeKong, Yong Lin; Boulogne, François; Kim, Hyoungsoo; Nunes, Janine; Feng, Jie; et al
2019Deposition-on-contact regime and the effect of donor-acceptor distance during laser-induced forward transfer of viscoelastic liquidsTurkoz, E; Perazzo, A; Deike, Luc; Stone, Howard A; Arnold, Craig B
2017Diffusiophoretic manipulation of particles in a drop deposited on a hydrogelBoulogne, F; Shin, S; Dervaux, J; Limat, L; Stone, Howard A
2016Drop impact on a flexible fiberDressaire, Emilie; Sauret, Alban; Boulogne, François; Stone, Howard A
2017Drop morphologies on flexible fibers: influence of elastocapillary effectsSauret, Alban; Boulogne, François; Somszor, Katarzyna; Dressaire, Emilie; Stone, Howard A
1-May-2015Dynamics and topology of a flexible chain: knots in steady shear flowKuei, Steve; Słowicka, Agnieszka M; Ekiel-Jeżewska, Maria L; Wajnryb, Eligiusz; Stone, Howard A
2019Dynamics of long gas bubbles rising in a vertical tube in a cocurrent liquid flowMagnini, M; Khodaparast, S; Matar, OK; Stone, Howard A; Thome, JR