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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2016Effect of the Polydispersity of a Colloidal Drop on Drying Induced Stress as Measured by the Buckling of a Floating SheetBoulogne, François; Kong, Yong Lin; Nunes, Janine K; Stone, Howard A
2019The effects of a horizontal magnetic field on the Rayleigh–Taylor instabilityYang, F; Khodak, A; Stone, Howard A
2017Extended lubrication theory: Improved estimates of flow in channels with variable geometryTavakol, B; Froehlicher, G; Holmes, DP; Stone, Howard A
23-Aug-2017Extracellular-matrix-mediated osmotic pressure drives Vibrio cholerae biofilm expansion and cheater exclusion.Yan, Jing; Nadell, Carey D; Stone, Howard A; Wingreen, Ned S; Bassler, Bonnie L
1-Jun-2014Filaments in curved streamlines: rapid formation of Staphylococcus aureus biofilm streamersKevin Kim, Minyoung; Drescher, Knut; Shun Pak, On; Bassler, Bonnie L; Stone, Howard A
2019Flame synthesis of nanophosphors using sub-micron aerosolsAbram, C; Mezhericher, M; Beyrau, F; Stone, Howard A; Ju, Yiguang
2018Flow rate-pressure drop relation for deformable shallow microfluidic channelsChristov, IC; Cognet, V; Shidhore, TC; Stone, Howard A
Mar-2015Flow regimes for fluid injection into a confined porous mediumZheng, Zhong; Guo, Bo; Christov, Ivan C; Celia, Michael A; Stone, Howard A
2018Flow-induced phase separation of active particles is controlled by boundary conditionsThutupalli, S; Geyer, D; Singh, R; Adhikari, R; Stone, Howard A
2016“Fluid bearing” effect of enclosed liquids in grooves on drag reduction in microchannelsChen, Haosheng; Gao, Yang; Stone, Howard A; Li, Jiang
Oct-2013Fracture Propagation Driven by Fluid Outflow from a Low-Permeability AquiferGor, Gennady Yu; Stone, Howard A; Prévost, Jean H
2020Harnessing elasticity to generate self-oscillation via an electrohydrodynamic instabilityZhu, L; Stone, Howard A
1-Nov-2015Homogeneous deposition of particles by absorption on hydrogelsBoulogne, François; Ingremeau, François; Dervaux, Julien; Limat, Laurent; Stone, Howard A
2017Hygromorphic actuator from a metal oxide film driven by a nano-capillary forest structureKang, H; Lee, M; Lim, H; Stone, Howard A; Lee, J
May-2014Influence of heterogeneity on second-kind self-similar solutions for viscous gravity currentsZheng, Zhong; Christov, Ivan C; Stone, Howard A
2017Laboratory layered latteXue, N; Khodaparast, S; Zhu, L; Nunes, JK; Kim, H; et al
8-Mar-2019Mechanical instability and interfacial energy drive biofilm morphogenesis.Yan, Jing; Fei, Chenyi; Mao, Sheng; Moreau, Alexis; Wingreen, Ned S; et al
17-Mar-2015Mechanical Tuning of the Evaporation Rate of Liquid on Crossed FibersBoulogne, François; Sauret, Alban; Soh, Beatrice; Dressaire, Emilie; Stone, Howard A
May-2015The Mechanical World of BacteriaPersat, Alexandre; Nadell, Carey D; Kim, Minyoung Kevin; Ingremeau, Francois; Siryaporn, Albert; et al
2017Membraneless water filtration using CO<inf>2</inf>Shin, S; Shardt, O; Warren, PB; Stone, Howard A