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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2015Data fusion via intrinsic dynamic variables: An application of data-driven Koopman spectral analysisWilliams, Matthew O; Rowley, Clarence W; Mezić, Igor; Kevrekidis, Ioannis G
Dec-2015A Data–Driven Approximation of the Koopman Operator: Extending Dynamic Mode DecompositionWilliams, Matthew O; Kevrekidis, Ioannis G; Rowley, Clarence W
Aug-2017De-biasing the dynamic mode decomposition for applied Koopman spectral analysis of noisy datasetsHemati, Maziar S; Rowley, Clarence W; Deem, Eric A; Cattafesta, Louis N
Nov-2014Dynamic mode decomposition for large and streaming datasetsHemati, Maziar S; Williams, Matthew O; Rowley, Clarence W
Apr-2013Empirical state-space representations for Theodorsen's lift modelBrunton, Steven L; Rowley, Clarence W
Oct-2012Feedback control of cavity flow oscillations using simple linear modelsIllingworth, Simon J; Morgans, Aimee S; Rowley, Clarence W
2013Feedback control of instabilities in the two-dimensional Blasius boundary layer: The role of sensors and actuatorsBelson, Brandt A; Semeraro, Onofrio; Rowley, Clarence W; Henningson, Dan S
Feb-2014Feedback control of slowly-varying transient growth by an array of plasma actuatorsHanson, Ronald E; Bade, Kyle M; Belson, Brandt A; Lavoie, Philippe; Naguib, Ahmed M; et al
Aug-2015Identifying finite-time coherent sets from limited quantities of Lagrangian dataWilliams, Matthew O; Rypina, Irina I; Rowley, Clarence W
20-Jun-2012An improved algorithm for balanced POD through an analytic treatment of impulse response tailsTu, Jonathan H; Rowley, Clarence W
Nov-2011Probabilistic Estimates of Transient Climate Sensitivity Subject to Uncertainty in Forcing and Natural VariabilityPadilla, Lauren E; Vallis, Geoffrey K; Rowley, Clarence W
2013Reduced-order model based feedback control of the modified Hasegawa-Wakatani modelGoumiri, IR; Rowley, Clarence W; Ma, Z; Gates, DA; Krommes, JA; et al
Jun-2013Reduced-order unsteady aerodynamic models at low Reynolds numbersBrunton, Steven L; Rowley, Clarence W; Williams, David R
Sep-2013Riccati-less approach for optimal control and estimation: an application to two-dimensional boundary layersSemeraro, Onofrio; Pralits, Jan O; Rowley, Clarence W; Henningson, Dan S
Jul-2017Scaling the propulsive performance of heaving and pitching foilsFloryan, Daniel; Van Buren, Tyler; Rowley, Clarence W; Smits, Alexander J
Oct-2014State-space model identification and feedback control of unsteady aerodynamic forcesBrunton, Steven L; Dawson, Scott TM; Rowley, Clarence W
Sep-2015Uncertainty Quantification for Airfoil Icing Using Polynomial Chaos ExpansionsDeGennaro, Anthony M; Rowley, Clarence W; Martinelli, Luigi
Oct-2011The unsteady three-dimensional wake produced by a trapezoidal pitching panelGreen, Melissa A; Rowley, Clarence W; Smits, Alexander J
Dec-2012Variants of Dynamic Mode Decomposition: Boundary Condition, Koopman, and Fourier AnalysesChen, Kevin K; Tu, Jonathan H; Rowley, Clarence W
Mar-2015Vortex dynamics in a pipe T-junction: Recirculation and sensitivityChen, Kevin K; Rowley, Clarence W; Stone, Howard A