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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2014Characterizing the performance effect of trials and rotations in applications that use Quantum Phase EstimationPatil, Shruti; JavadiAbhari, Ali; Chiang, Chen-Fu; Heckey, Jeff; Martonosi, Margaret; et al
2018CheckMate: Automated Synthesis of Hardware Exploits and Security Litmus TestsTrippel, Caroline; Lustig, Daniel; Martonosi, Margaret
2021CutQC: using small Quantum computers for large Quantum circuit evaluationsTang, Wei; Tomesh, Teague; Suchara, Martin; Larson, Jeffrey; Martonosi, Margaret
2013DP-WHERE: Differentially private modeling of human mobilityMir, Darakhshan J; Isaacman, Sibren; Caceres, Ramón; Martonosi, Margaret; Wright, Rebecca N
2015Dynamic adaptive techniques for learning application delay tolerance for mobile data offloadingYetim, Ozlem B; Martonosi, Margaret
Apr-2019Efficient Data Supply for Parallel Heterogeneous ArchitecturesHam, Tae J; Aragón, Juan L; Martonosi, Margaret
2012EPROF: An energy/performance/reliability optimization framework for streaming applicationsYetim, Yavuz; Malik, Sharad; Martonosi, Margaret
Apr-2019Formal constraint-based compilation for noisy intermediate-scale quantum systemsMurali, Prakash; Javadi-Abhari, Ali; Chong, Frederic T; Martonosi, Margaret
2020Foundations of empirical memory consistency testingKirkham, Jake; Sorensen, Tyler; Tureci, Esin; Martonosi, Margaret
Jun-2019Full-stack, real-system quantum computer studies: architectural comparisons and design insightsMurali, Prakash; Linke, Norbert M; Martonosi, Margaret; Javadi-Abhari, Ali; Nguyen, Nhung H; et al
2013Human mobility characterization from cellular network dataBecker, Richard; Cáceres, Ramón; Hanson, Karrie; Isaacman, Sibren; Loh, Ji M; et al
2011Leveraging Smartphone Cameras for Collaborative Road AdvisoriesKoukoumidis, Emmanouil; Martonosi, Margaret; Peh, Li-Shiuan
2021Logical abstractions for noisy variational Quantum algorithm simulationHuang, Yipeng; Holtzen, Steven; Millstein, Todd; Van den Broeck, Guy; Martonosi, Margaret
12-Dec-2018Magic-state functional units: Mapping and scheduling multi-level distillation circuits for fault-Tolerant quantum architecturesDing, Y; Holmes, A; Javadi-Abhari, A; Franklin, D; Martonosi, Margaret; et al
2020MosaicSim: A Lightweight, Modular Simulator for Heterogeneous SystemsMatthews, Opeoluwa; Manocha, Aninda; Giri, Davide; Orenes-Vera, Marcelo; Tureci, Esin; et al
Apr-2019Noise-Adaptive Compiler Mappings for Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum ComputersMurali, Prakash; Baker, Jonathan M; Javadi-Abhari, Ali; Chong, Frederic T; Martonosi, Margaret
2019OKAPI: In Support of Application Correctness in Smart Home EnvironmentsMelissaris, Themis; Shaw, Kelly; Martonosi, Margaret
2020Optimization of Simultaneous Measurement for Variational Quantum Eigensolver ApplicationsGokhale, Pranav; Angiuli, Olivia; Ding, Yongshan; Gui, Kaiwen; Tomesh, Teague; et al
2020PerpLE: Improving the Speed and Effectiveness of Memory Consistency TestingMelissaris, Themis; Markakis, Markos; Shaw, Kelly; Martonosi, Margaret
2014PipeCheck: Specifying and Verifying Microarchitectural Enforcement of Memory Consistency ModelsLustig, Daniel; Pellauer, Michael; Martonosi, Margaret