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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2012The rate of convergence of the Walk on Spheres AlgorithmBinder, Ilia; Braverman, Mark
25-Jul-2016Reliable communication over highly connected noisy networksAlon, N; Braverman, Mark; Efremenko, K; Gelles, Ran; Haeupler, B
2016Reliable Communication over Highly Connected Noisy NetworksAlon, Noga; Braverman, Mark; Efremenko, Klim; Gelles, Ran; Haeupler, Bernhard
2020The Role of Randomness and Noise in Strategic ClassificationBraverman, Mark; Garg, Sumegha
2013Search using queries on indistinguishable itemsBraverman, Mark; Oshri, G
Jun-2018Selling to a No-Regret BuyerBraverman, Mark; Mao, Jieming; Schneider, Jon; Weinberg, Matt
2018Semi-Direct Sum Theorem and Nearest Neighbor under l_inftyBraverman, Mark; Ko, Young K
2015Simulating Noisy Channel InteractionBraverman, Mark; Mao, Jieming
2015Small Value Parallel Repetition for General GamesBraverman, Mark; Garg, Ankit
27-Aug-2015Space-Bounded Church-Turing Thesis and Computational Tractability of Closed SystemsBraverman, Mark; Schneider, J; Rojas, C
13-Jun-2014Stability in large matching markets with complementaritiesAshlagi, I; Braverman, Mark; Hassidim, A
2-Jun-2016Strategyproof Mechanisms for Competitive Influence in NetworksBorodin, A; Braverman, Mark; Lucier, B; Oren, J
2013Strategyproof mechanisms for competitive influence in networksBorodin, Allan; Braverman, Mark; Lucier, Brendan; Oren, Joel
1-Dec-2012Thurston equivalence to a rational map is decidableSylvain, B; Braverman, Mark; Yampolsky, MY
10-Feb-2015A tight bound for set disjointness in the message-passing modelBraverman, Mark; Ellen, F; Oshman, R; Pitassi, T; Vaikuntanathan, V
2017Tight space-noise tradeoffs in computing the ergodic measureBraverman, Mark; Rojas, Cristóbal; Schneider, Jon
2014Toward Coding for Maximum Errors in Interactive CommunicationBraverman, Mark; Rao, Anup
2012Towards deterministic tree code constructionsBraverman, Mark