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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
16-Jan-2017ETH hardness for densest-k-Subgraph with perfect completenessBraverman, Mark; Ko, YK; Rubinstein, A; Weinstein, O
6-Jan-2013Finding endogenously formed communitiesBalcan, M-F; Borgs, C; Braverman, Mark; Chayes, J; Teng, S-H
2013From information to exact communicationBraverman, Mark; Garg, Ankit; Pankratov, Denis; Weinstein, Omri
2013The Grothendieck Constant is Strictly Smaller than Krivine's BoundBraverman, Mark; Makarychev, Konstantin; Makarychev, Yury; Naor, Assaf
2-Oct-2013A hard-to-compress interactive task?Braverman, Mark
Jun-2018Hitting sets with near-optimal error for read-once branching programsBraverman, Mark; Cohen, Gil; Garg, Sumegha
2013How to Compress Interactive CommunicationBarak, Boaz; Braverman, Mark; Chen, Xi; Rao, Anup
Jun-2013An information complexity approach to extended formulationsBraverman, Mark; Moitra, Ankur
2016Information complexity is computableBraverman, Mark; Schneider, J
Oct-2014Information Equals Amortized CommunicationBraverman, Mark; Rao, Anup
2016Information Lower Bounds via Self-ReducibilityBraverman, Mark; Garg, Ankit; Pankratov, Denis; Weinstein, Omri
2013Information Lower Bounds via Self-reducibilityBraverman, Mark; Garg, Ankit; Pankratov, Denis; Weinstein, Omri
2018Information Value of Two-Prover GamesBraverman, Mark; Ko, Young K
2014Interactive information and coding theoryBraverman, Mark
2015Interactive Information ComplexityBraverman, Mark
2017Interactive Information ComplexityBraverman, Mark
2012Interactive information complexityBraverman, Mark
2015An Interactive Information Odometer and ApplicationsBraverman, Mark; Weinstein, Omri
2016Interpolating between truthful and non-truthful mechanisms for combinatorial auctionsBraverman, Mark; Mao, J; Weinberg, SM
28-Feb-2017List and unique coding for interactive communication in the presence of adversarial noiseBraverman, Mark; Efremenko, K