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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2019Calibration, Entropy Rates, and Memory in Language ModelsBraverman, Mark; Chen, X; Kakade, SM; Narasimhan, Karthik; Zhang, C; et al
2020Calibration, Entropy Rates, and Memory in Language ModelsBraverman, Mark; Chen, Xinyi; Kakade, Sham; Narasimhan, Karthik; Zhang, Cyril; et al
2018A Candidate for a Strong Separation of Information and CommunicationBraverman, Mark; Ganor, Anat; Kol, Gillat; Raz, Ran
Oct-2017Coding for Interactive Communication Correcting Insertions and DeletionsBraverman, Mark; Gelles, Ran; Mao, J; Ostrovsky, R
2016Coding for interactive communication correcting insertions and deletionsBraverman, Mark; Gelles, R; Mao, J; Ostrovsky, R
1-Oct-2012Coding for interactive computation: Progress and challengesBraverman, Mark
2017Coding in Undirected Graphs Is Either Very Helpful or Not Helpful at AllBraverman, Mark; Garg, Sumegha; Schvartzman, Ariel
2020The Coin Problem with Applications to Data StreamsBraverman, Mark; Garg, Sumegha; Woodruff, David P
16-Jun-2016Communication lower bounds for statistical estimation problems via a distributed data processing inequality?Braverman, Mark; Garg, A; Ma, T; Nguyen, Huy L.; Woodruff, DP
12-Jan-2014The computational hardness of pricing compound optionsBraverman, Mark; Pasricha, K
19-Jun-2016Constant-rate coding for multiparty interactive communication is impossibleBraverman, Mark; Efremenko, K; Gelles, Ran; Haeupler, B
Dec-2017Constant-Rate Coding for Multiparty Interactive Communication Is ImpossibleBraverman, Mark; Efremenko, Klim; Gelles, Ran; Haeupler, Bernhard
8-Oct-2014Data-driven decisions for reducing readmissions for heart failure: General methodology and case studyBayati, M; Braverman, Mark; Gillam, M; Mack, KM; Ruiz, G; et al
2013Direct Product via Round-Preserving CompressionBraverman, Mark; Rao, Anup; Weinstein, Omri; Yehudayoff, Amir
26-Oct-2013Direct products in communication complexityBraverman, Mark; Weinstein, O; Rao, A; Yehudayoff, A
1-Nov-2016A Discrepancy Lower Bound for Information ComplexityBraverman, Mark; Weinstein, O
2012A Discrepancy Lower Bound for Information ComplexityBraverman, Mark; Weinstein, Omri
16-Jan-2017ETH hardness for densest-k-Subgraph with perfect completenessBraverman, Mark; Ko, YK; Rubinstein, A; Weinstein, O
6-Jan-2013Finding endogenously formed communitiesBalcan, M-F; Borgs, C; Braverman, Mark; Chayes, J; Teng, S-H
2013From information to exact communicationBraverman, Mark; Garg, Ankit; Pankratov, Denis; Weinstein, Omri