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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
28-Jun-2012Broad Spectrum Pro-Quorum-Sensing Molecules as Inhibitors of Virulence in VibriosNg, Wai-Leung; Perez, Lark; Cong, Jianping; Semmelhack, Martin F; Bassler, Bonnie L
Feb-2014CqsA-CqsS quorum-sensing signal-receptor specificity in P hotobacterium angustumKe, Xiaobo; Miller, Laura C; Ng, Wai-Leung; Bassler, Bonnie L
Jan-2015Determinants governing ligand specificity of the V ibrio harveyi LuxN quorum-sensing receptorKe, Xiaobo; Miller, Laura C; Bassler, Bonnie L
12-Feb-2015Development of Potent Inhibitors of Pyocyanin Production in Pseudomonas aeruginosaMiller, Laura C; O’Loughlin, Colleen T; Zhang, Zinan; Siryaporn, Albert; Silpe, Justin E; et al
23-Aug-2017Extracellular-matrix-mediated osmotic pressure drives Vibrio cholerae biofilm expansion and cheater exclusion.Yan, Jing; Nadell, Carey D; Stone, Howard A; Wingreen, Ned S; Bassler, Bonnie L
1-Jun-2014Filaments in curved streamlines: rapid formation of Staphylococcus aureus biofilm streamersKevin Kim, Minyoung; Drescher, Knut; Shun Pak, On; Bassler, Bonnie L; Stone, Howard A
13-Jan-2017Flow environment and matrix structure interact to determine spatial competition in Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilmsNadell, Carey D; Ricaurte, Deirdre; Yan, Jing; Drescher, Knut; Bassler, Bonnie L
Apr-2016A Host-Produced Autoinducer-2 Mimic Activates Bacterial Quorum SensingIsmail, Anisa S; Valastyan, Julie S; Bassler, Bonnie L
8-Mar-2019Mechanical instability and interfacial energy drive biofilm morphogenesis.Yan, Jing; Fei, Chenyi; Mao, Sheng; Moreau, Alexis; Wingreen, Ned S; et al
May-2015The Mechanical World of BacteriaPersat, Alexandre; Nadell, Carey D; Kim, Minyoung Kevin; Ingremeau, Francois; Siryaporn, Albert; et al
8-Apr-2015Modulating Vibrio cholerae Quorum-Sensing-Controlled Communication Using Autoinducer-Loaded NanoparticlesLu, Hoang D; Spiegel, Alina C; Hurley, Amanda; Perez, Lark J; Maisel, Katharina; et al
9-Apr-2019Phage-Encoded LuxR-Type Receptors Responsive to Host-Produced Bacterial Quorum-Sensing Autoinducers.Silpe, Justin E; Bassler, Bonnie L
14-Aug-2018The PqsE and RhlR proteins are an autoinducer synthase-receptor pair that control virulence and biofilm development in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.Mukherjee, Sampriti; Moustafa, Dina A; Stergioula, Vasiliki; Smith, Chari D; Goldberg, Joanna B; et al
Jun-2014Quorum regulatory small RNAs repress type VI secretion in V ibrio choleraeShao, Yi; Bassler, Bonnie L
24-Dec-2018Quorum sensing controls Vibrio cholerae multicellular aggregate formation.Jemielita, Matthew; Wingreen, Ned S; Bassler, Bonnie L
11-Aug-2016Quorum sensing signal–response systems in Gram-negative bacteriaPapenfort, Kai; Bassler, Bonnie L
17-Jul-2017The RhlR quorum-sensing receptor controls Pseudomonas aeruginosa pathogenesis and biofilm development independently of its canonical homoserine lactone autoinducer.Mukherjee, Sampriti; Moustafa, Dina; Smith, Chari D; Goldberg, Joanna B; Bassler, Bonnie L
29-Feb-2016Social Evolution Selects for Redundancy in Bacterial Quorum SensingEven-Tov, Eran; Omer Bendori, Shira; Valastyan, Julie; Ke, Xiaobo; Pollak, Shaul; et al
24-May-2016Structure, Regulation, and Inhibition of the Quorum-Sensing Signal Integrator LuxOBoyaci, Hande; Shah, Tayyab; Hurley, Amanda; Kokona, Bashkim; Li, Zhijie; et al
13-Nov-2018Temperature, by Controlling Growth Rate, Regulates CRISPR-Cas Activity in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.Høyland-Kroghsbo, Nina Molin; Muñoz, Katrina Arcelia; Bassler, Bonnie L