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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2012Finding overlapping communities in social networks: Toward a rigorous approachArora, Sanjeev; Ge, R; Sachdeva, S; Schoenebeck, G
2019Fine-Grained Analysis of Optimization and Generalization for Overparameterized Two-Layer Neural NetworksArora, Sanjeev; Du, Simon; Hu, Wei; Li, Zhiyuan; Wang, Ruosong
2017Generalization and equilibrium in generative adversarial nets (GANs)Arora, Sanjeev; Ge, R; Liang, Y; Ma, T; Zhang, Y
2019Implicit Regularization in Deep Matrix FactorizationArora, Sanjeev; Cohen, Nadav; Hu, Wei; Luo, Yuping
2020InstaHide: Instance-hiding Schemes for Private Distributed LearningHuang, Yangsibo; Song, Zhao; Li, Kai; Arora, Sanjeev
2018A la carte embedding: Cheap but effective induction of semantic feature vectorsKhodak, M; Saunshi, N; Liang, Y; Ma, T; Stewart, Brandon; et al
2012Learning topic models - Going beyond SVDArora, Sanjeev; Ge, R; Moitra, A
2018Learning topic models -- provably and efficientlyArora, Sanjeev; Ge, Rong; Halpern, Yoni; Mimno, David; Moitra, Ankur; et al
2012Local Versus Global Properties of Metric SpacesArora, Sanjeev; Lovász, László; Newman, Ilan; Rabani, Yuval; Rabinovich, Yuri; et al
Jun-2017Mapping between fMRI responses to movies and their natural language annotationsVodrahalli, Kiran; Chen, Po-Hsuan; Liang, Yingyu; Baldassano, Christopher; Chen, Janice; et al
2018Mathematics of machine learning: An introductionArora, Sanjeev
2012Message-Passing Algorithms and Improved LP DecodingArora, Sanjeev; Daskalakis, Constantinos; Steurer, David
2014New algorithms for learning incoherent and overcomplete dictionariesArora, Sanjeev; Ge, R; Moitra, A
2019On Exact Computation with an Infinitely Wide Neural NetArora, Sanjeev; Du, Simon S; Hu, Wei; Li, Zhiyuan; Salakhutdinov, Russ R; et al
2018On the optimization of deep networks: Implicit acceleration by overparameterizationArora, Sanjeev; Cohen, N; Hazan, Elad
2020Over-parameterized Adversarial Training: An Analysis Overcoming the Curse of DimensionalityZhang, Yi; Plevrakis, Orestis; Du, Simon S; Li, Xingguo; Song, Zhao; et al
2013A Practical Algorithm for Topic Modeling with Provable GuaranteesArora, Sanjeev; Ge, Rong; Halpern, Yonatan; Mimno, David; Moitra, Ankur; et al
2016Provable algorithms for inference in topic modelsArora, Sanjeev; Ge, R; Koehler, F; Ma, T; Moitra, A
2014Provable bounds for learning some deep representationsArora, Sanjeev; Bhaskara, A; Ge, R; Ma, T
2015Provable ICA with Unknown Gaussian Noise, and Implications for Gaussian Mixtures and AutoencodersArora, Sanjeev; Ge, Rong; Moitra, Ankur; Sachdeva, Sushant