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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2015Polar codes for broadcast channelsGoela, N; Abbe, Emmanuel; Gastpar, M
2015Polar Coding for Secret-Key GenerationChou, RA; Bloch, MR; Abbe, Emmanuel
2017Polarization of the Rényi Information Dimension with applications to compressed sensingHaghighatshoar, S; Abbe, Emmanuel
2014Polynomial complexity of polar codes for non-binary alphabets, key agreement and Slepian-Wolf codingLiu, J; Abbe, Emmanuel
2015Recovering communities in the general stochastic block modelwithout knowing the parametersAbbe, Emmanuel; Sandon, C
2019Recursive projection-aggregation decoding of Reed-Muller codesYe, M; Abbe, Emmanuel
2015Reed-Muller Codes for Random Erasures and ErrorsAbbe, Emmanuel; Shpilka, A; Wigderson, A
2019Reed-Muller Codes PolarizeAbbe, Emmanuel; Ye, M